Compounding solutions

Raw materials for Circular Designed Products

Elevating compounds with
circular principles

At Circular Identity, we approach compounding with a fresh perspective, guided by the principles of circular design. Our goal is to craft compounds that not only meet our clients' specific needs but also support the lifecycle of their products from an eco-conscious standpoint. By incorporating circular materials into our compounds, we offer solutions that enhance product safety and sustainability. This endeavor reflects our commitment to rethinking material use for a better future.


Explore our curated selection of sustainable polymers, each responsibly sourced and certified, promising a greener footprint for diverse applications.

Long Chain Polymers
Transparent Polymers
Elastic Polymers

Sustainable next generation equipment

At Circular Identity, we are continually seeking ways to blend innovation with environmental stewardship. Our latest stride in this direction is the acquisition of a next-generation co-rotating twin-screw extruder. 

This cutting-edge machinery stands out for its energy-efficient features, including an AC water cooler motor and innovative barrel insulating systems, significantly reducing energy consumption during production. 

By investing in such advanced technology, we’re not just enhancing our manufacturing capabilities – we are reaffirming our commitment to sustainable operations.